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SevenFriday, meaning every day of the week is a Friday, a relaxed and comfortable attitude to life. SevenFriday, founded in Switzerland in 2012, design inspiration from the TV, watch maker through the skilled, turned into a bizarre work. After the launch of the brand, because the excellent design and stylish appearance of popular SevenFriday Europe and the United States has launched three series, follow-up will launch a more cool color version. From its design and manufacture of the sense of view, its main customers for the 18-40 year-old fashion.
SevenFriday first introduced the P series, which is divided into three small series: P1 Industrial Essence, P2 Industrial Revolution, P3 Industrial Engines; not long ago on the new M and V series. SevenFriday genuine use of the Japanese Aotnmatic miyota 8215 movement, miyota is a Japanese production of watch movement of the enterprise, and 8215 movement because of the good stability of travel time and affordable price is known. So SevenFriday this Swiss watch is the origin of the Swiss movement in Japan shell! Assembly around $ 100 Japanese movement SevenFriday watch official website price is 1100 dollars above. 
In fact, SevenFriday is a fashion watch, and no deep history and watch the accumulation of technology, So I strongly recommend that friends if you have the idea to buy genuine, might as well buy our site to buy 1: 1 Replica SevenFriday Watches.
Our Replica SevenFriday Watches movement is also used in Japan miyota 8215 movement. Movement performance law-abiding, watch the price is relatively low, the overall focus on design, is the preferred fashion watch. All series are selected 47mm large dial design, simple and retro design highlights the spirit of the punk after the industrial age. Fake SevenFriday Watches, square rounded square dial design, small seconds indicator table, multiple finishes and colors, each dial has four levels, and 12 practical elements of the wizard plating. And a very novel 120-degree hour-reading method, which reduces the still time scale to 4, and a central rotating disc to "increase" the time. The whole design evokes the essence and revolutionary thinking of industrial design.