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We all know Hublot watch style mostly use multi-metal collection to create a thick case, heavy metal sense is very strong. The MP series is Hublot's long-standing goal that we have received a lot of friends' mail, so make these perfect Hublot MP-08 Watches. Which has a low-key luxury 45 mm 18k rose gold case, so Fake Hublot MP-08 Watch man momentum at a glance. And the sun and the moon shows the highlight of this watch, a number of original complex features from the ancient Antioch Kila device, including the sun and lunar calendar, as well as the sun and the moon in the night sky relative position display. And the original Japanese Citizen Automatic Tourbillon Movement is also very worth mentioning. Hublot MP-08 Watch is equipped with a more traditional watch manufacturing complex function, that is located in the dial 6 o'clock position on the tourbillon escapement. This movement can provide 85 hours power reserve.